Welcome to the Salesforce Partner Portal!

The material you need to close deals—at your fingertips.

LaunchPad Lab has built a portal for the Salesforce team members we work with on a daily basis. In addition to a multitude of marketing material, you’ll be able to access our Mobile App Accelerator, giving you the ability to demo a branded application for any account with just a few clicks.

With our portal, you'll be able to:

Generate Branded Demo Apps

Help your clients visualize how a mobile or web app can change their business. LaunchPad Lab’s Accelerator makes it possible for you to generate a uniquely branded clickable app prototype from simply inputting your client’s website.

Access Case Studies

Success stories can often make or break your ability to close a deal. Access a library of LaunchPad Lab’s past projects built on Heroku, Experience Cloud, and other Salesforce products to help reinforce your recommendations to clients.

Connect with Team Members

Interested in connecting with our team? Schedule an in-person / virtual enablement or strategic account mapping session with our team directly in the partner portal to keep your opportunities moving forward.

“We partnered with the LaunchPad Lab team on a strategic Heroku deal for a newly funded education platform who came to Salesforce to build his proprietary product from the ground up. Not only were they [LaunchPad Lab] committed to finishing on time and within budget, but the team did a lot to build trust with the client, which ultimately helped close this deal. Post-sale, the client continually sings the praises of the LaunchPad team and can rest assured that they made the right choice. ”

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